STORYBecoming Japan’s First Luxury Beer

In 2016, three friends in Japan sought to answer a simple question: “why is there no luxury beer?” After 1 year of research they discovered two issues. First, many customers felt beer had a cheap and casual image. When ordering in fine dining restaurants they felt safer ordering expensive wine or champagne that they didn’t necessarily want. Secondly, fine dining chefs and sommeliers work very hard to create a thoughtful and special experience for their guests. Serving beers widely available in convenience stores and grocery stores didn’t align with this goal.

The founders responded by creating ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE, Japan’s First Luxury Beer. A beer that chefs would be proud to serve and that customers would be proud to order. They designed a recipe delicate enough to complement, but not overpower, the subtle flavors explored in fine dining in Japan. Once the first batch of ROCOCO was brewed, the 3 co-founders started to introduce ROCOCO to chefs and sommeliers directly by cycling restaurant to restaurant throughout Tokyo. Within a year, ROCOCO was served in over 100 Michelin-starred restaurants. In 2022, they made their international debut in Singapore. ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE continues to win over celebrated chefs and sommeliers worldwide with its fresh taste, gentle flavor, and lack of bitterness.


PRODUCTDefining the Taste of Luxury Beer

PRODUCT Defining the Taste of Luxury BeerPRODUCT Defining the Taste of Luxury Beer


What should a luxury beer taste like? This simple question set us on the path to creating the recipe of ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE that you can now enjoy. Our vision was to create a beer recipe that would meet the standards of the world’s best chefs and sommeliers. A beer they would be proud to pair with their delicate, intricately prepared dishes. We spent over 18 months meeting with chefs and sommeliers at fine dining restaurants in Tokyo, as well as with their customers, to better understand their wants and needs. We realized that for a beer to be welcomed by fine dining chefs, sommeliers and customers, it should complement their dishes, not overpower them.

Our recipe adheres to the spirit of minimalism, which to us means using the smallest number of ingredients of the highest quality available. Water is a key, and often overlooked ingredient in beer. We brew ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE in Shizuoka, Japan from the naturally purified waters of Mount Fuji. With its silky luxurious texture, fruity aroma and sharp finish, ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE is described as having the delicate texture of champagne and the depth of a fine wine or nihonshu. ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE is never filtered or pasteurized. It is refrigerated from the time it is brewed until the time it is served. The result is its characteristic fresh taste. Within a year of launch, ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE has been served in over 100 Michelin restaurants in Japan.
Alcohol content: 5.5%

  • TypeGerman Style Wheat Beer
  • ProductionShiozuka, Japan
  • WaterNaturally Filtered Mount Fuji Water
  • IngredientsBarley Malt, Wheat Malt, Hops, Yeast
  • Alc.5.5%
  • ColorGolden Yellow
  • TasteElegant
  • AromaFruity
  • ServingTemp8-12℃*
  • Body●●○
  • Sharpness●●●
  • Bitterness◐○○
  • Smoothness●●●
  • Aroma●●●



1 To enjoy its fruity aroma before your first sip
ROCOCO has a pleasant, fruity aroma. Serving ROCOCO in a white wine glass encourages people to discover its aroma before taking their first sip. To further accentuate the aroma of ROCOCO, we recommend serving it in a concave glass.

2 To emphasize its characteristic fresh flavor
ROCOCO has a noticeably fresh taste because it is neither filtered nor pasteurized. For this reason, it is refrigerated from the time it is brewed until the time it is served. We recommend serving ROCOCO chilled at a temperature of 8 to 12 degrees celsius, which is very similar to the serving temperature of white wine. Furthermore, since body heat is transmitted through the fingertips, holding your glass by a stem helps keep beer cooler. Serving ROCOCO in a white wine glass therefore facilitates keeping it closer to its ideal serving temperature and maximizing its characteristic fresh flavor.

3 To make a sophisticated first impression
First impressions count. Serving ROCOCO in a white wine glass emphasizes its distinction and its association with fine dining. This elevated presentation style allows ROCOCO to be served and enjoyed with confidence in high end establishments.

* Recommended drinking temperature: 8-12℃, Recommended storage temperature: 10℃ or less. In order to preserve its freshness, ROCOCO is always refrigerated at 3-5℃ after being brewed and is always delivered in refrigerated trucks.


Our brand name expresses our background and our vision simultaneously. Try reading the name ROCOCO backwards. You will notice it spells “COCORO”, which is pronounced exactly like the Japanese word for heart, “KOKORO”. This name was suggested by one of our company’s founders. His first contact with Japan was through Natsume Soseki’s masterpiece “KOKORO”, which he read at the recommendation of his father who had a copy at their home. Rococo is also the name of the 18th century artistic style that emerged in France and that was associated with luxury. This represents our desire to introduce fine dining restaurants all over the world to our Luxury Beer from Japan.


If you look closely at our “ROCOCO” logo, you will notice that it is composed of 3 "O"s. Each of them is superimposed and positioned at different angles. These three different "O"s represent our 3 different founders coming together with a common vision to bring ROCOCO to life. The ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE bottle label, with its textured and memorable design, represents the fresh taste and movement of our beer. You can feel its textured rhythm when you touch the label with your hands. ROCOCO treasures the language of design as a means of communication.

ROCOCO GLASSIntroducing the ROCOCO Luxury Beer Glass,
the most elegant beer glass in Japan

The ROCOCO Luxury Beer Glass was launched in collaboration with Kimura Glass to create the most elegant beer glass in Japan. Every ROCOCO Glass is carefully handmade in Europe (Slovakia) which allows us to create its tall and elegant stem. Its concave bowl accentuates the fresh and fruity aroma of ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE and features a subtle interpretation of the iconic ROCOCO label design. The ROCOCO Glass is typically only served in Michelin Awarded and other fine dining restaurants. Limited gift sets are made available for purchase on the ROCOCO online shop during holidays and special occasions.

  • ROCOCO GLASS Introducing the ROCOCO Luxury Beer Glass,the most elegant beer glass in JapanROCOCO GLASS Introducing the ROCOCO Luxury Beer Glass,the most elegant beer glass in Japan
  • ROCOCO GLASS Introducing the ROCOCO Luxury Beer Glass,the most elegant beer glass in JapanROCOCO GLASS Introducing the ROCOCO Luxury Beer Glass,the most elegant beer glass in Japan
  • ROCOCO GLASS Introducing the ROCOCO Luxury Beer Glass,the most elegant beer glass in JapanROCOCO GLASS Introducing the ROCOCO Luxury Beer Glass,the most elegant beer glass in Japan

GIFTINGThe ROCOCO Gift Box: Luxury from Japan

  • GIFTING The ROCOCO Gift Box: Luxury from JapanGIFTING The ROCOCO Gift Box: Luxury from Japan
  • GIFTING The ROCOCO Gift Box: Luxury from JapanGIFTING The ROCOCO Gift Box: Luxury from Japan
  • GIFTING The ROCOCO Gift Box: Luxury from JapanGIFTING The ROCOCO Gift Box: Luxury from Japan

Our iconic gift boxes embody the spirit of luxury gifting and are designed to leave a lasting impression on friends, family, and business associates. Each of our wooden gift boxes are carefully handcrafted in keeping with Japanese gift-giving tradition (木箱) in order to create a sense of timeless elegance. Our modern paper gift box complements its traditional counterpart with a design that exudes style and sophistication.

Our traditional wooden gift box has a simple yet elegant design that features debossed circle carvings inspired by the iconic ROCOCO bottle label texture. Nestled inside the box, two bottles fit snugly on pure white cushioning. Our white paper gift box includes silver accents and was designed in the image of ROCOCO’s brand colors. The phrase "日本初のラグジュアリビール" (Japan's First Luxury Beer) is stamped in silver on both top and bottom, and the image of the ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE bottle is printed on both sides to create a sense of anticipation. Inside, two bottles are perfectly nestled in sleek all-black cushioning.

Both variations of our gift boxes include our carefully selected cushioning material to safeguard ROCOCO bottles from vibrations and to ensure safe delivery. As an added touch, each gift set also includes an original gift bag and the latest edition of the "ROCOCO JOURNAL." Delve into the ROCOCO JOURNAL to discover the story behind our brand, and to read exclusive interviews with our celebrated partner restaurants.

RESTAURANTSBehind-the-Scene Interviews with some of Japan’s Leading Restaurants that serve ROCOCO

RESTAURANTS 日本が誇る名店揃いの「ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE」パートナーレストランRESTAURANTS 日本が誇る名店揃いの「ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE」パートナーレストラン

Each interview features photos of the beautiful dishes that Japan’s leading chefs and sommeliers pair with ROCOCO.
They also include musings and stories from the passionate people who make the experiences at these restaurants so memorable. We have personally dined at every single restaurant featured in the ROCOCO Journal, and proudly recommend each of them to our friends, our families and to all of our customers.

INTERNATIONALInternational Distribution and Announcements

INTERNATIONAL International LaunchINTERNATIONAL International Launch
INTERNATIONAL International LaunchINTERNATIONAL International Launch

ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE has launched in Singapore!

ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE is now available at the two only restaurants in Singapore included on the "50 Best Restaurants in the World" list. You can enjoy ROCOCO at Odette, a 3 Stars Michelin modern french restaurant and Burnt Ends, a 1 Star Michelin modern australian barbecue. We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with such incredible restaurants in Singapore.

We have been receiving a growing number of requests from restaurants and hotels in Asia, North America and Europe that are interested in carrying ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE. Please revisit this page in the future to see announcements related to launches in other countries.
If you are a restaurant, hotel or distributor interested in introducing ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE in your country, please contact us here.


3 Stars Michelin
Chef Julien Royer's modern French restaurant blends tradition with southeast asian ingredients

Burnt Ends

1 Star Michelin
Chef Dave Pynt's modern Australian barbecue grills luxurious ingredients in a custom four-tonne oven

BOOKHow ROCOCO was Sold in Over 100 Michelin Star Restaurants in its First Year From Launch

Our book explores the journey of how 3 founders brought the idea of ROCOCO to life and executed its vision in Japan. Learn more about why ROCOCO was created, how an international team launched in the Japanese market, and the various challenges they faced as a start up. The book also features quotes from famous chefs and sommeliers in Japan who share why they chose to serve ROCOCO in their restaurants. In addition to being an engaging story about the development of a luxury beer and its role in fine dining, the book also appeals to those seeking to learn more about entrepreneurship.
Please note that our book is currently available in Japanese Only.

BOOK 『高級ビールで日本を変える』ROCOCO誕生の物語が書籍になりました!BOOK 『高級ビールで日本を変える』ROCOCO誕生の物語が書籍になりました!


Discover the Beautiful Dishes Of ROCOCO Partner Restaurants
The official ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE Instagram and Facebook accounts feature candid photos and videos of the dishes served at ROCOCO partner Restaurants in Japan.

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