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03|AZABU KUMASANWagyu (Azabujuban)

03|麻布 kumasan 麻布 肉料理(麻布十番)

A Culinary Performance for Wagyu Lovers

AZABU KUMASAN opened in Azabu Juban in October 2018 as the first Tokyo outpost of the original Osaka restaurant. From the exterior, AZABU KUMASAN looks inconspicuous. But as soon as you step in you are engulfed by a stylish, mature atmosphere that is dominated by dark tones. Your host will then escort you to counter seats that overlook AZABU KUMASAN’s open kitchen. This will be the stage on which you will be served spectacular wagyu dishes throughout your entire course. AZABU KUMASAN captivates its guests with its lively culinary performances composed of a variety of creative wagyu dishes. The experience is thoughtfully designed to stimulate all 5 of your senses. Your meal will begin with the memorable “Tartare Laboratory”. It features a variety of playfully presented seasoning options that guests can experiment with to sharply vary the taste of the delicious sirloin tartare. AZABU KUMASAN’s signature dish, the “Kuma Sando”, is a tender chateaubriand cutlet sandwich. A decadent treat that always leaves guests smiling. “We hope you join us to discover our wagyu-filled course and share a special evening with us surrounded by your family, friends and colleagues,” says Ryo Sugimoto, sommelier of the Tokyo restaurant.

  • 肉好きたちを魅了する独創性あふれる肉料理とパフォーマンス
  • 肉好きたちを魅了する独創性あふれる肉料理とパフォーマンス

Playfully Presented Dishes, Perfect for Anniversaries and Special Occasions

The key attraction of AZABU KUMASAN is the memorable presentation of the wagyu dishes that are served from the beginning to the end of the course. The knowledgeable chefs also play a big part in this experience. They will happily explain the nuances of all the different cuts of meat so that you can fully appreciate each one of them. Their presentation skills are truly entertaining and include smoking and torching dishes in front of guests.


I was Impressed by the Elegant Taste of ROCOCO

"When I drank ROCOCO for the first time, the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t have the typical aroma of beer.” I asked myself “Is this even beer?” “I was also very impressed by its elegant taste“ says Mr. Sugimoto. "I poured it into a wine glass with a wide mouth and was able to enjoy its refreshing and fruity aroma.
It had a light aftertaste with no bitterness, which is quite pleasant. It also has a high-quality taste that goes well with wagyu beef dishes.

  • 「これはまるでビールじゃない!」と感動したROCOCOの上質な味わい
  • 「これはまるでビールじゃない!」と感動したROCOCOの上質な味わい


B1, 2-18-8 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 03-6722-0468