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04|SHIRATOInnovative French Fusion (Roppongi)

04|白土(SHIRATO) イノベーティブ・フュージョン(六本木)

Innovative Fusion Cuisine that Blends French, Japanese and Chinese Flavors

Seiji Shirato opened his eponymous French restaurant Shirato in Roppongi in 2019. It is here that he brought his “innovative fusion cuisine” concept to life. To Chef Shirato, “innovative fusion cuisine” does not mean creating eccentric or complicated dishes. It means breaking free from the limitations imposed by strictly following a single cooking tradition. Injecting Japanese and Chinese flavors, ingredients and cooking techniques to French cuisine gives Chef Shirato more freedom to create delicious flavors. By broadening his available scope, he can extract flavors from fresh, seasonal ingredients that would be outside his reach if he limited himself to a single culinary tradition. His ability to skillfully blend these three different cooking techniques come from his experiences cooking in French and Chinese restaurants throughout his career. Chef Shirato constantly seeks to incorporate new ideas into his cuisine, often taking inspiration from his customers “dream” dishes.

  • お客様視点から生み出される「革新的なフュージョン料理」
  • お客様視点から生み出される「革新的なフュージョン料理」

Luxurious Ingredients Prepar ed in a Healthy Manner

The concept behind Shirato’s dinner omakase is to offer guests 20 small dishes to keep them entertained from start to finish. Chef Shirato keeps carbohydrates, salt, and oil to a minimum in his cooking. These low-carb, low-sodium, low fat dishes, allow guests to enjoy many luxurious ingredients while still feeling great by the end of the meal. Guests are often surprised to learn about his health conscious approach, given how beautiful and flavorful his dishes are.


Start Off Your Course with a ROCOCO “Kanpai”

Shirato designed the interior of his restaurant as a relaxing space. Its open kitchen and dinner counter are surrounded by plastered white walls. Many customers visit on dates or to celebrate anniversaries, and it is common to see them starting off their course making a toast with glasses of ROCOCO Tokyo WHITE. Chef Shirato appreciates that ROCOCO's silky texture and gentle, fruity flavor pair well with his innovative omakase.

  • ROCOCOの乾杯から始まるここでしか味わえない特別な時間
  • ROCOCOの乾杯から始まるここでしか味わえない特別な時間


Etoile Roppongi Building 2F, 4-4-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 03-6804-1278