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07|TowaWagyu Focused Kaiseki (Nishiazabu)

07|常(とわ) 日本料理(西麻布)

Kuroge Wagyu is the Star of this Kaiseki Course

Towa is discreetly located on the second floor of a stylish building in a quiet Nishiazabu back alley. From the outside, there are no signs or traditional “noren” suggesting that a Michelin awarded restaurant is in the building. Inside the restaurant, a gentle light casts beautiful shadows on ocher walls designed by Naoki Kusumi, one of Japan’s leading plasterers. This refined and conservative atmosphere might make some guests hesitant to enter. Owner Chef Takaaki Tsuneyasu smiled as he explained that “we were initially really attracted to this new property and architecture.
It just happened to be on a quiet street. We didn’t prepare our signage in time for our opening, and quickly realized that guests enjoyed the exclusive feeling of dining in a restaurant only known by a select few. ” Towa has a reputation for its unique style of focusing on kobe beef in their traditional kaiseki courses. Chef Tsuneyasu himself loves beef. He is extremely particular when selecting ingredients. He wants customers to think “the meat, the fish, the dashi…everything was delicious!” He also prefers that customers feel satisfied at the end of the meal, rather than wishing they could have eaten a little more. Chef Tsuyenasu personally fell in love with Kawagishi Ranch, which supplies the kuroge wagyu beef served at Towa. It is extremely fresh. Guests are always surprised by Towa’s oxtail spring rolls, which have consistently been a customer favorite since the restaurant first opened. Having the confidence to step out of traditional bounds is a key quality of Chef Tsuneyasu. This juxtaposition of tradition and innovation give Towa a unique presence in Tokyo’s competitive culinary landscape.

  • 選りすぐりの神戸牛を堪能できる和食のコースは幸福感と満足感たっぷり
  • 選りすぐりの神戸牛を堪能できる和食のコースは幸福感と満足感たっぷり

Mixing Tradition and Innovation Helped Towa Earn a Michelin Star

When Chef Tsuyenasu first visited Kawagishi Ranch, he was impressed that their sirloin possessed a deep delicious flavor without being overly fatty. It is extremely important for Chef Tsuyenasu that his guests experience meat that is as fresh as possible. To do this, he avoids freezing the meat he serves. Before opening Towa, Chef Tsuneyasu asked Yakiniku Shimizu for advice on handling meat. They welcomed him into their kitchen where he worked with them and learned from their expertise. He maintains a close relationship with the Yakiniku Shimizu family to this day. Chef Tsuneyasu's passion for beef and delicate techniques in the preparation of Japanese ingredients were cultivated while working at a number of famous restaurants. These include the long-established Akasaka Kikunoi and Kanda in Motoazabu, as well as Hanawa in Paris.


ROCOCO Lightens the Mood with its Fun Bottle Design

"I recommend ROCOCO because it doesn't interfere with our dishes, yet it has a strong presence," says Chef Tsuneyasu. Recently, a customer happily said, "I know this! I want to try it!" And the memorable bottle and logo are also very popular. The creamy foam and the slightly banana-like flavor are particularly suitable for the sweetfish season. Chef Tsuneyasu greatly appreciates the satisfaction of customers discovering his restaurant and telling him that their food was delicious and that they had a fun time. Towa is a space that Chef Tsuneyasu created for you to have a great time enjoying the atmosphere and delicious food.

  • 料理を邪魔せずに存在感を示すROCOCOはロゴやボトルデザインも楽しい時間のお手伝い
  • 料理を邪魔せずに存在感を示すROCOCOはロゴやボトルデザインも楽しい時間のお手伝い


Modern Form Nishiazabu Building Part III 2F, 4-11-25 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 03-6433-5680